Best Way to Sort Range Brass: Shell Sorter Sifting Pans for Faster Reloading & Brass Prep

Have you ever gotten tired of picking through brass one piece at a time after a range day? This is the best way to sort range brass and it’s immensely faster!

This is a way that you can exponentially cut down the amount of time it takes to sort through brass after shooting.

What is Shell Sorter?

The Shell Sorter consists of a few bins that have slots cut in the bottom of each of them. These slots match the size of a few calibers of shells like 9mm, 40s&w, and 45acp.

All you have to do is stack the three bins in correct order (black on bottom, blue in middle, and yellow on top), pour your brass into the bins, and and vigorously shake the bins, preferably over a bucket to catch the extra junk, and the shell sorter will separate your brass for you!

Is It Worth the Money?

I admittedly didn’t think it would work as advertised, but I will never sort my handgun brass again without using this method. This is easily the best way to sort range brass for reloading.

Now, if you plan to sort your brass by headstamp, you will need to go through every individual piece of brass and separate them visually.

However, the shell sorter will eliminate the need to sort everything out by caliber immediately. So, it will do the bulk the work up front, which is what we want!

It took me forever to buy one of these kits because I thought they were too expensive, but it’s kind of like a primer tube filler. If you have ever went without one, once you buy one, you’ll never go without again!

Conclusion: Best Way to Sort Range Brass?

If you want to save yourself boat-loads of time reloading bulk brass, pick one of these kits up!

It has made reloading much more enjoyable for me because I hate sorting brass. It is so time consuming and frustrating. This kit has removed a lot of that for me, and I think it will for you too!

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