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Hi, I’m Matt, an outdoorsman, passionate about shooting, handloading, hunting, self reliance, God, and more. Stick around if you want to join a community geared towards constant improvement!

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Everyone wants to know in one sentence why there has been a …
2021 Ammo Shortage: Where are the Guns, Ammo, Primers, etc?
https://youtu.be/BfYEn9TuvpU What Caused the 2021 Ammo Shortage? Well, to be blunt, 2020 …

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About Me

I’m currently a firearm/ammo salesman and handloading educator, I am constantly striving to learn more about firearms and reloading. When I’m not spending time teaching others about shared passions, I love filming and writing about my current pursuits with outdoor activities, and I’m always trying to learn something new and improve with those around me physically, mentally, and spiritually!

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