What Are The Current Suppressor Wait Times?

If you are waiting on a suppressor right now, and you are worried it is going to take forever to get here due to the pandemic, don’t freak out because it’s on the way! The current suppressor wait times aren’t as bad as you may think.

I ordered my suppressor (Liberty Suppressors Infiniti X) around November 2019 and it showed up in July of 2020, so it took around 8 months for me to receive it after purchasing. There is paperwork involved before the waiting period even starts, so it was actually faster than 8 months!

I also have three friends who recently have received their suppressors as well. All of them ordered theirs around the same period of time as me. The fastest wait time was 6 months (WOW right?!), and the slowest of us four was 9 months.

So, thankfully, suppressors are not taking astronomically longer to get due to the pandemic, riots, panic buying, etc.

If you want to check the updated ATF/current suppressor wait times, click HERE.

Don’t be afraid to buy a suppressor/silencer right now! They are still putting the paperwork through and people are receiving their cans.

If you want something to pursue while you wait, click HERE for a productive way to spend your time!

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