Corona Virus: Relax, Learn, Invest, and Move Forward. What’s Happening and Why?

The main topic of this post/video is the Corona Virus/Covid 19 pandemic. The topics we’ll be going over are the virus/pandemic as a whole, the quarantines, why the government is doing what it’s doing, panic buying, ways to keep yourself safe, things you can save money on, how to stay safe and help others do the same, and how to invest for the future RIGHT NOW.

The pandemic itself blows, but we all have to go through it TOGETHER. Remember your fellow man/American, and don’t go throwing your neighbor under the bus just because people are buying all the toilet paper. Only control what YOU CAN CONTROL, and don’t fret over everyone else’s decisions.

The quarantines aren’t something we are used to, but again, we all have to deal with it as one. Nobody wants to do it, but it isn’t something we get to choose. Complete isolation is the only surefire way to not get sick and it slows down the virus, but complete or partial isolation as an entire population isn’t going to make the virus disappear regardless. It will continue to exist whether we stay at home or not. The slowing down of the virus helps hospitals to remain at manageable capacities though, so think about that next time you just can’t stand being in the house. It’s about all of us, not just you.

Find ways to be productive during these times. Exercise indoors or outdoors depending on your situation. Read about things that interest you. Learning in general is always a fantastic way to pass time. Keep that brain of yours on its toes. Find new recipes and ways to cook the lack of food on the shelves and get creative with what you’ve got at your disposal. Reconnect with old friends by text, online, or calling them if you can’t get out and see them. Scroll to the bottom of your texts to see who you haven’t spoken with in awhile.

Panic buying is something that we are all running into every time you go to the grocery or gun store, and you may as well wait a year if you want coffee creamer or a box of 9mm. Preparation is done before disasters/pandemics, not during the crisis. So, after this is all said and done, start stocking up on stuff a little at a time to prepare for something like this in the future. Don’t buy everything all at once when there are already limited resources to begin with. Think about the guy next to you who is watching you take 5 when he needs 1. Stock up when there isn’t a scarcity.

Everyone is buying guns and ammo. Even anti-gunners are buying guns and ammo. Many of which have admitted to my face that they are only going to use it in an emergency, and they will sell it after the crisis is over. They aren’t worried about the Second Amendment being removed, but they are worried about people looting their stuff, in which case they buy a firearm to protect it. The Second Amendment exists for everyone’s protection, just remember that. If you want to buy a gun with no intention of getting familiar with it and learning how to use it safely for the sake of everyone around you, don’t buy the gun.

Now is the time to buy from non-essential businesses. Many of which are hurting and begging for business, so those businesses are holding discount coupon codes and sales just to drive traffic. Look around for things you were planning on buying at a later time just to see if there are sales going on. Non-essential things like apparel and specialty items (such as custom barrels for an AR15 versus a factory AR15 that’s ready to go) are potentially on sale right now and worth looking at buying. This could also be a time to refinance your house or car with the low interest rates.

There are lots of great ways to invest at this point in history with the condition the stock market is currently in. I suggest downloading Robinhood using this link on your phone and putting some money into stocks like oil while it’s at rock bottom. The link is a referral link, which means you and I will both get a free stock, but there are no fees involved with the referral. Oil has dropped 60% from one month ago at the time of writing this. Do you really think we’ll have the good fortune of paying $1.50 per gallon much longer? Don’t think about it too hard, now is the time to buy!

Pull as many positives out of this situation as you can. There are a lot of great things that you can do with the free time available to you if you are stuck at home in quarantine. So, make the most of it. Be present with the people around you. Play cards with your family or board games. Rekindle old friendships using the technology at your disposal. Read a book, learn new exercises and recipes, find new ways to invest and make some money, find sales and save money on later purchases, and most of all move forward. One way or another, we will all pull through this, together.

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